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How To Publish Your Book Without Having A Panic Attack by J Bennett

July 10, 2012

Today I’m very happy to host a guest post by the lovely (and terribly funny) J Bennett, author of Falling: Girl With Broken Wings! Please give her a warm welcome as she talks about coping with the sheer bloody panic of publishing!

Thank you to Soleil for hosting me and for supporting so many talented authors.

*** So I had this book, Falling – Girl With Broken Wings. Not someone else’s book. My book. Which I wrote. With words.

I liked it. My sister eventually admitted that she liked it. My writing group, critique partners, and my friends liked it.

I thought I had something. A book that could make me the one thing I’ve wanted to be since I was a little girl – an author.

And I was in luck. It’s easier than ever to publish a novel. Gone are the days when an author must go courting fickle literary agents then win the divine approval and marketing muscle of a major publisher. All I had to do was format my book correctly, pay a graphic artist to design a nice cover and then upload it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for free. In less than a day, I could launch my book out into the world.

One problem though – and this was a biggie. I was scared out of my gourd.

See, my novel was completely and utterly awesome when it was just mine, tucked safely away in my blue laptop named Torgo (yes, Torgo the laptop, don’t judge).

My narrator, Maya, is quirky, over-dramatic, and not exactly human anymore. This new development might be really cool for her if her enhanced senses, extraordinary strength and agility, and aura-reading skills weren’t fueled by a need to drain the energy from living creatures – humans, in particular.

So, there’s that going on, and then there’s her two half-brothers, Tarren and Gabe. Tarren means well, he really does, it’s just that he thinks Maya is a threat to humanity and that killing her is an unfortunate necessity. Gabe is the best. He actually kinda sorta thinks that he’s a superhero, but he’s actually just a big nerd. Sure, he hunts and kills angels, but he also watches Battlestar Galactica and has a huge, overwhelming crush on the neighbor’s beautiful housekeeper.

I haven’t mentioned the angels yet, have I? Well, Maya’s a partial angel. These aren’t the good kind of angels with halos and harps and transportation via cloud. They’re genetically-enhanced human beings who have the whole energy-sucking issue going on.

So, that’s the basic setup for Falling. Sorry if that was a bit much – info dump we call it in writing – but the point is that I liked it, and it was my baby, and I wasn’t about to send my baby into the world to

get judged and slapped with two stars on Amazon. Even when my sister helpfully assured me that the majority of people in the world would completely and utterly ignore my book, it didn’t help soothe my fear.

So I was stuck being a coward. My book was destined to spend an eternity locked in Torgo’s dungeon. But then a strange thing happened. I found a little bravery.

Eventually, I realized that if I ever truly wanted to be an author, I’d just have to jump off the cliff and take the landing no matter how hard it was. Did I think this book was good? Yes. Was it worthy of being read? Yes. Then why was I letting fear hold me back from being who and what I wanted to be?

The truth is, I did have a little itsy bitsy panic attack when I published the book, but that’s beside the point. I did it anyway. What I learned from this publishing adventure is that there’s no way to defeat the fear of failure or the nagging worry that your book isn’t really as good as you think it is. Courage is acknowledging the fear in the passenger seat but hitting the gas anyway.

If you’re an aspiring writer, and you believe you’ve written something truly great, I hope you’ll believe in it enough to publish (after doing lots of rounds of edits and critiques, of course)! If you’re not a writer, then you’ve probably got your own metaphorical baby that you’ve always dreamed of launching into the world. Launch that baby (assuming this is not, in fact, an actual physical baby). No regrets!


Falling is J Bennett’s debut novel and the first book in the Girl With Broken Wings series. It is currently available as an ebook for $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Learn more and read a free sample at J Bennett is a professional copywriter and copyeditor. She also writes the blog Her Facebook page is at

Thank *you* for allowing me to host you, J Bennett!  

Wonderful person that she is, she’s offering one lucky reader the oppurtunity to win a copy of Falling in any e-book fomat of their choosing. Just leave a comment telling me how you’d evade or cope with Bennett’s Angels, or just toss you name in the hat! I’ll draw one name at random and post the results on July 17th, 2012. Contest ends officially on July 16th at midnight. 

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  1. July 12, 2012 8:14 am

    Great post! I do have sometimes, a bit of panic attacks.. hehe
    My only hope, is that my book is a fun read and entertaining. Thanks for the article!

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