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Permanent Winter by Grant Palmquist

June 22, 2012

Freezing rain and sleet shroud the city of Nepenthe in a chilly mystery . . . Reports of mutilated bodies washing up on the beaches terrorize the community . . . A cold-blooded, ruthless vampire couple is on the loose, killing and feeding for sport and sexual pleasure . . .

Haunting visions torment Joshua, a young man who believes his purpose is to find out who or what is behind these gruesome murders. His life will be forever changed by the Permanent Winter he encounters.

This novel contains depictions of graphic violence and sexual situations. Recommended for readers 17 and up.

Full Disclosure: Thanks to Grant Palmquist for sending a review copy.

Permanent Winter is a look into the seedy underbelly of Nepenthe, a city not yet aware that it is plagued with Vampires.  In the backdrop, Skye and Blane wreck havoc, trolling for blood and sex and whatever feels good, but Skye’s beginning to feel like she want more to life than eternal youth and power. Joshua, a local, has long suspected that God has an important task just for him. He can feel it in his bones but can’t figure out where to start, that is, until the murders roll in. Meanwhile his father, Hank, deals with the fallout of his estranged marriage to Joshua’s mother. Hank hates himself for it, but he feels lonely…and loneliness leads him to seek out the pleasures of a warm body at new club in town.  And finds himself getting a lifestyle change that’s more than he bargained for.

I thought this was an interesting look into the Vampire mythos. Make no mistake, Palmquist’s Vampires are the stuff of legends and nightmares. They are unapologetic monsters, which is actually a refreshing change of pace for me.

While some of the dialogue made me flash back to A Song After Dark Permanent Winter is a very entertaining follow up in Palmquist’s budding career. And well-worth checking out if you’re a fan of Dark Fantasy and Vampires of the non-glittery-and-or-love-interest-fodder variety.

Permanent Winter can be purchased at Amazon and Smashwords.

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