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Gangster by M. Jones

March 25, 2012

From the dark, basement speakeasies of 1926 Chicago, to the decadent parties of the Hollywood elite, psychopathic Clara slices her way through various people across America in her quest for fame. Brought along for the whirlwind ride of her murderous rampage, her enigmatic alien companion patiently waits for the opportunity to find his own target, a former friend set for assassination. He doesn’t understand Clara’s random need to destroy, but then, he is new to this strange, human landscape of murderers and victims. He can’t wait to simply do his job and leave this vicious world behind.

Full Disclosure: Thanks to M. Jones for sending the review copy!

Gangster is one hell of a book. Not only is it set in one of my favorite time periods (1920s), but it’s just so dark and gritty and clever.   The writing style is gorgeous even in its grit. The dialogue is smart and thought-provoking while also being fun, if your sense of humor is more than a little sardonic that is. (Guilty!) Clara is a fascinating character. She’s such a compelling liar that I myself couldn’t help wondering whether any thing she said throughout the entire novel was true. She’s charming in the same way a Cobra is, swaying back and forth with it’s hypnotic gaze before it strikes. The Alien, whose name escapes even himself, meanwhile is a man on a mission. His one track mind is constantly being challenged by Clara’s quest for fame and her odd compulsion to murder along the way. Their dynamic was so intriguing, I found myself riveted with each conversation that put them further and further at odds. Clara believes the two of them are two sides of the same coin, but The Alien knows that can’t be any further from the truth….or could it?

Reader beware, Gangster is not for the faint of heart! I, on the other hand, look forward to reading more by M. Jones in the future.

You can purchase Gangster by M. Jones as an e-book or in print! For the e-book, hit up Amazon and Smashwords. The print version can be purchased at Amazon  (CA, US and UK), B&N, Chapters/Indigo, Powells , and WH Smith



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