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Wolves Among Men by Penelope Sweet

March 10, 2012

Ethan Harlow is an unsuspecting 26-year old who has strived to live a normal life caring for his younger sister after their parents passed away. Thrown in to an extraordinary situation Ethan runs for his life in an attempt to escape the nightmarish world he is thrust into after a close encounter with an ancient creature of myth. But things go wrong after his sister insists on following him deeper into a world not meant to be seen by human eyes.

Unknowingly Ethan breaks a treaty, a pact between the two sides of wolves meant to keep human kind safe and protect the creatures that choose to live peacefully at their side. After his sister is kidnapped by the other side in an attempt to sway him, Ethan must make a choice. Will he run for his life or stay and fight at the side of the wolves that have become like a family to him.

Full Disclosure: Thank you to Penelope Sweet for sending me a review copy!

Wolves Among Men is author Penelope Sweet’s debut novel, and the first in a series with a lot of potential.

Ethan Harlow just found out that werewolves exist, by being attacked by, and then turned into, one of them. The change naturally has him a bit freaked, so he skips town. Leaving behind his younger sister in the hopes that she’ll be better off without him, and that he can find anyone (or anything) that knows what he’s becoming. Except, said sister isn’t keen on that plan at all and she’s not just about to let him walk out of her life without so much as an explanation. She demands that he explain himself and goes to meet him in the motel he’s hauled himself into. And it doesn’t take her very long to sick those puppy-dog little sister eyes on him to get him to agree to take her with him. Trouble brews when they go looking for Ethan’s “kind”…

While I thought there were some scenes that lacked necessary conflict, I still thought Wolves Among Men was a nice effort. Maybe I’m biased because I’ll read anything with a werewolf protagonist, but I feel as though Ms. Sweet has a lot of potential as an author and I would look forward to reading more in this series as she grows and hones her skills. Aside from Ethan, there are a few interesting side characters to look for. Be warned though, this book does end on a cliffhanger.

You can purchase Wolves Among Men at Amazon. (If I’ve missed any other place of purchase, please don’t hesitate to let me know.)

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