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Root by Tara Maya

February 1, 2012

Root by Tara Maya

Dindi knows her life is forfeit if she cannot solve the faery riddle of the Unfinished Song. But to do that, she must first unravel the mystery of why the Aelfae hexed her whole lineage long ago.

Meanwhile, Kemla and Tamio connive together against her. Desperate to prevent Dindi from dancing in the upcoming competition, and Kemla convinces Tamio to seduce Dindi. If at first they don’t succeed, they aren’t above hexcraft to get their way…

And then there is the Man in Black. Devastatingly handsome, darkly powerful…and determined to kill her. If at first he doesn’t succeed, he isn’t above starting a war to get his way.

Full Disclosure: Thanks to the lovely Tara Maya for providing a review copy!

Root is book four in The Unfinished Song series, and in what has become a pattern in this series, it begins shortly after where the previous book left off. Tara Maya continues to impress me as a story teller. I have to admit I did not see some of the events that occurred in Root coming, especially regarding a certain character from the last book. I thought I had that character’s arc all figured out-and it appears I was dead wrong.

While Dindi did gain some headway in the last book, I was sad to see that she was still treated like a servant by most of her peers at the beginning of Root. Luckily, she adopts a backbone pretty quick! I’m not even ashamed for rooting for her when she decided to get back at some of the people who have been asking for it.

One of the really cool things about these books is the many cultures that frequent Faearth, and Tara delivered in the form of the Orange Canyon Riders, The Deathsworn, and a whole lot more. There are also the additions of characters we have “seen” in previous books through Dindi’s Visions who have since become integral to the plot in “real time”. This book really helped to clear up the answers to any lingering questions regarding Dindi’s Chromas (magic) but it also raised more questions that I’m sure the subsequent books will answer in time. While I think Sacrifice (Book 3) is still my favorite of the series, Root is very satisfying continuation.

You can purchase Root at Amazon, B &N, and Smashwords.

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