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Sacrifice by Tara Maya

January 27, 2012

As war looms on the horizon, Kavio continues to teach Dindi forbidden magics. Dindi’s cohort of fellow Initiates secretly select her to be the target of a vicious prank; an enemy of Kavio has targets her for an even viler crime. Meanwhile, Brena seeks allies hidden among the enemy, which puts her on a collision course with her former captive and husband, Rthan, who is sent to stop her by any means necessary. As powerful magic spins out of control, the fae themselves are in peril, and what started as a tribal war could become the cataclysm that wipes humans from Faearth. For, in Faearth, there is a price to be paid for breaking taboos, and it can only be atoned for with a terrible sacrifice.

 Full Disclosure: Thank you to the lovely Tara Maya for sending a review copy!

Sacrifice is book 3 in a series that just keeps getting better and better. Miss Maya is an excellent storyteller and she really knows how to hook her readers and leave them salivating for the next release. Sacrifice has packed the most emotional punch thus far but if the series keeps going the way it has been, I’m pretty sure Root (Book 4) will exceed all my expectations and become the new favorite in short order. Miss Maya has an incredible talent for drawing you into the story with little to no meandering or self-indulgences.

Sacrifice picks up right where Taboo left off, as has become customary in the series. Dindi, the heroine, has grown so much through these books and, even with so many fascinating side characters vying for attention on every page, she is a heroine that I’ve grown to love so much. She’s the ultimate underdog, a shy and courageous rebel, and she’s finally, finally beginning to come in to her own self worth as well as gain respect from her people that is LONG overdue. I continue to be highly engrossed in the sub plots between Brena and Rthan, and though I was saddened by some decisions Gwenika made, I also feel hopeful that the events of this book will help her to further grow. A lot of questions from the previous books were answered in this one and I’m so excited to see what new ground the rest of the series will uncover.

And I’m so happy I have Root already loaded up into my Kindle!

You can purchase Sacrifice at Amazon, B & N, and Smashwords.

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