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Save My Soul by Zoe Winters

January 29, 2011

Save My Soul by Zoe Winters, Preternaturals Book 2

All he’s asking for is her soul.

After buying the antebellum home she’s fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the house by a fifty-year-old curse. To rid herself of her problem house guest she’ll call on a priest, gypsies, ghost hunters, and the coven of witches from lust bunny hell. All she has to do is resist him long enough to break the spell so they can go their separate ways. If she doesn’t, she could die. And that would be the best case scenario.

HEAT LEVEL: Some sexually explicit content. 3 out of 5 flames.

Full disclosure: Didn’t buy it, although I bloody wish I could’ve afforded to.

What is it with me and reviewing books that are as kick-ass as their coverart lately? Must be lucky.

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a way to put my thoughts together in a coherent and intelligible fashion instead of just squealing like a rabid groupie over a pack of well-built, toned, hot (preferably Samoan) football players. Or worse, a horde of pre-pubescent teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs for a certain also pre-pubescent popstar who shall never be named on this blog . EVER. I’ve always disliked those sort of girls, they make me feel stabby.

But, hell, some books just bring out the inner rabid fangirl in me.

I’m more than a little stunned. Not because I didn’t expect the book to be so good. Hell, I’ve read Kept, Claimed, and Mated. I know Zoe Winters has some mad story-telling skills. Having mad story-telling skills, however, isn’t the same as having the skills to make me believe a romance is possible between an Incubus and a human. This is why you should NEVER. EVER. tell a writer what they can and cannot do because they will do it out of spite and it will fucking blow your mind every time. In the hands of a capable writer, anything is possible. Zoe’s proving to be much more than a capable writer.

I have only one criticism, and you know? I’m not even really sure it counts as one. I think Zoe’s style has matured a lot since Kept, and it shows because for most of the story, this book didn’t feel like it was even written for the same universe as the Book 1. Except, it’s not supposed to. Totally different setting. And we expect to have other places feel different right? The world of the Preternaturals is expanding, branching out. I can appreciate that, especially when we found out about-but no, that’s a spoiler.

I did see the HUGE TWISTY PLOT TWIST, that I also absolutely WON’T be sharing with any of you spoiler-whores, coming but I did so with a gleeful chuckle and lots of evil palm rubbing. It made the whole story come full-circle in a spectacular way, in my humble opinion. So it makes me feel smart when I could say ahead of time “Oooooh! I see what you’re doing here.”

There were other things that I didn’t see coming though. Things that I D’ohed for not even thinking about.

I’m going to warn you though. After reading this book, you’re going to wish you had a significant other around. Sufficed to say, Save my Soul reeks of sexual tension, and what a delicious reek it is.Luc definitely has a spot on my Favorite Heroes list. One that I have to get around to re-writing one of these days. Anna too (Heroines, obviously). Ms. Winter’s writes brilliant snark. Her heroines might get tossed around, betrayed, and have their lives do a complete 360 but they always have a sense of humor about it. Probably to keep from going bat-shit insane like the rest of us probably would if we were faced with the same events. Maybe.

Something I wanted to mention also was how much I loved how Winters wrote the friendship between Anna and Tam, one of the supporting cast. It was refreshing for once to read about a female friendship that didn’t involve lots of backstabbing and BS similar in office politics. They weren’t friends just because girls aren’t supposed to be mean so anyone you have even the vaguest familiarity with counts as a ‘friend’. They gave a damn about one another, and didn’t secretly wish to be anywhere but in the others presence. They enjoyed one another’s company. Like the way it should be. Their banter made me chuckle, more often than not because it reminded me of the way I am with my friends, and thank you Zoe for portraying what a healthy female friendship is like.

I’m hoping Tam might show up again, since there seems to be a running trend for Zoe to give supporting characters their own books. But either way? I don’t think I’ll be disappointed by a Zoe Winters read.

If you like your Paranormal Romance dark and sizzling, you want to give Zoe Winters a try. You can find Save My Soul at Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords.

I don’t think you necessarily need to read Blood Lust, Book 1, first but for interested parties: Blood Lust can be found in print at Amazon. And as an e-book at Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. You can also read Kept for free here.

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  1. January 29, 2011 7:31 pm

    What a fantastic review! I had the chance to beta read this for Zoe, and I LOVED it. 🙂

    • Soleil Noir permalink*
      January 30, 2011 12:06 pm

      Cheers Michelle, thanks for stopping by. 😀


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