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Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan

May 23, 2010

Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan

Cade Shepherd is on top of the world as this year’s Ultimate Fighting Champion. He doesn’t even remember his life as Gage Dempsey, a Shadow Walker with the ability to magically transport himself from shadow to shadow. In fact, he can’t remember anything before waking up in a cheap motel room ten years ago with mysterious burns on his hands–not even the woman he almost died for.

Embry Hollister has picked up the pieces of her life, learned to control her ability to generate flame, and now works an enforcer for the Council of Races. But when her father is captured by the human military and the Council refuses mount a rescue mission, Embry has no choice but to go rogue. All she has to is find the man with the new name and new life who was completely wronged by her people, give him back the memories they stole, convince him to join her on what’s probably a suicide mission, and hope that after ten years of living as a regular guy he still remembers what her father taught him.

And after that, she just has to leave him. Again.

Embry Hollister is a woman with a mission. A mission that involves Ultimate Fighter Cade Shepherd, or, as she once knew him, Gage Dempsey. I shouldn’t really be surprised by how three-dimensional she seemed. Her author does have a degree in clinical psychology after all. Embry’s not just any one thing. There’s real depth there.  In fact, there isn’t any character in Forsaken by Shadow that struck me as flat. Kait brings quite a few side characters into the fray that I could definitely see myself wanting to get to know better.

Even Matthias, a character that I suspect we were supposed to see as an asshole. I couldn’t help myself. I have Fall In Love With Side Character Syndrome. I’m hoping one day Kait might give him an HEA of his very own, if he doesn’t already have one. Not to mention Orrin, who’s tentatively been set as the next hero in Relevations, the second novella in the Mirus series.

Kait dabbled in Romantic Suspense for awhile and I think it shows in her work. In a good way. A very good way. There’s quite a number of nail-biting scenarios the couple finds themselves in. And Kait sure as hell doesn’t make it easy for them to get out of.  She doesn’t pull punches. Ever. There’s no fluff, no sugar-coating what so ever. That grit, the inner brutal streak in a writer, is what keeps me comming back to their work. And Kait’s got it.

There’s also a fair amount of intrigue in FBS. A lot of the Mirus world is teased into the story. Dashes of it, like spice. Just enough to seduce potential readers for later books while still keeping them grounded in the story, the situation at hand.

And as if that wasn’t enough. The sex scene is scorching. (Literally.) And the fight scenes are absolute WIN. They were concise, I could follow them easily and, if my admittedly short time in Karate serves me well, very realistic. I was pumped any time Gage got into the ring.

This novella was better written than a lot of full length Paranormal Romance novels I’ve read lately. I frickin’ kid you not. I cannot wait for Revelations and any other work she has in the pipeline because what ever it is? I. am. SO. there.

If you’ve liked/are intrigued by what I’ve had to say, you can find Forsaken by Shadow on Scribd, Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. You can find out more about Kait Nolan on her blog, Shadow and Fang.

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  1. Kait Nolan permalink
    May 23, 2010 8:12 pm

    Oh I’m so glad you liked it! Yes, Orrin is definitely nailed as hero for Revelation (which finally got a full plot today)–which I am sorry to say will not be out soon. But for a very good reason! It’s turned into a full length novel. I’m hoping for late fall release.

    • Soleil Noir permalink*
      May 23, 2010 10:37 pm

      Awesome Kait! I’m looking forward to it. 😀

  2. May 23, 2010 8:37 pm

    Great review! I remember when I read FBS I kept thinking… how is she going to write them out of this? I thought she’d written herself into a corner, but nope! It was great. What I remember most about reading it is how vivid the images she painted in the story were. Some of those images are still stuck in my head.

    • Soleil Noir permalink*
      May 23, 2010 10:38 pm

      Zoe, completely agree. It almost felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book.


  1. Let There Be Plot | Kait Nolan

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