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Nexus Point by Jaleta Clegg

May 19, 2010

Nexus Point by Jaleta Clegg

When Captain Dace crash lands on a primitive planet, she finds herself on the run from villagers who are sure she’s a demon and The Patrol, who are sure she’s a smuggler. Accused of Piracy, facing death or worse at the hands of those who should be rescuing her, she must find someway to not only survive but escape.

Unfortunately…the world has other plans.

Nexus point, from start to stop, beginning to end, chapter 1 to chapter 40, is a fast paced, adrenaline rush of a read.  Jaleta Clegg’s style is very to the point, very no-nonsense. No fluff or extraneous detail of any kind. Just constant forward motion. She doesn’t slow down by much, and keep in mind, I think this is all a good thing. Because there is a lot of story to cover. Though I do usually prefer a bit more introspection, it just doesn’t call for it. There’s too much going on, the heroine almost doesn’t have TIME to think. However, as the story unfolds, the heroine does become more…well, I won’t say comfortable, but familiar with her surroundings and the situation(s) which does allow for a bit more introspection and a softer style. Before the action kicks in again and then we’re back on the roller coaster that is Dace’s few days on Dadilan.

Speaking of Dadilan, while I may not have fallen in love with the world itself, for reasons I will discuss later, I did fall in love with all the neat little world building details. Horse Holograms, Biosculpting, renaming the language and tons of more stuff that you’ll just have to read to be enchanted by.

Dace, our heroine, gets her ass handed to her a lot. This is not to be confused with being spineless or weak. It’s just that there is a lot of violence against women in this book. So those of you who might be faint of heart…why are you on my blog in the first place?? You probably won’t dig this book. Me on the other hand? Really liked it. I always love heroines who don’t back down. And have mouths that could rival a Sailors. Dace is one of those heroines and with the amount of fights she got herself into, and the amount of times she gets beaten, she rises up, she overcomes, and she uses her brain. She also gets to deal out some pain of her own.

Tayvis, meanwhile, is everything I love in a hero. Quiet, calculating, logic-driven. And when he does speak, it’s with authority, a sharp wit, and a good sense of humor. Sometimes cold but also gentle, and always with a purpose. Everything with a purpose.

There’s some really quirky subplots that bring a whole lot of chaos (the fun sort) into the mix.  Will, a side character we meet along the way, definitely wormed himself into being one of my favorites. I hope he makes another appearance in subsequent books set in this series. There will apparently be eleven. I know you can’t tell, but my inner child (the sadistic little bitch) is clapping her hands in glee.

You can order Nexus Point straight from Cyber Wizard Productions , Amazon , Barnes & Noble , and Smashwords! You can find more about Jaleta Clegg on her website and/or  read my interview with her, in which we discuss the finer points of Orc-hunting, toothless cats and Cthulu.

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  1. Sherwood permalink
    June 29, 2010 3:06 pm

    I agree nexus point is a very fast paced book. I liked the part where Dace is trapped in a in a burning building with a monk.

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