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Zerah’s Chosen by Isabelle Santiago – A Review

January 27, 2010

Zerah's Chosen In Zerah, Guardians of Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Death are chosen by The Beings to serve their people. Able to feel the emotions the Beings cannot, they help their world stay in balance.

Guardians live and die together, but when Kieran is born with the marks that prove he’s the Guardian of Death, his mother hides him instead of giving him up to the temple. She loves him too much to lose him. But then he starts seeing people die, and they’re begging him for help. Trying to remove the “curse”, he inadvertently kills a seer and is brought to the attention of the temple.

His mother is imprisoned and he’s turned over to the temple. The rest of his life, he’s expected to live there, study with the other Guardians, learn the right ways to use his power.

Amaya, the embodiment of Water, breaks through his brittle shell, helps him to see that all of life isn’t bleak, but they’ve sworn a vow and love for one another isn’t part of it. He’ll never know the people he must eventually lead into the next life, never know love, never be free.

If he stays…

Zerah’s Chosen is a (very short) YA Fantasy centering around five “chosen” from the world of Zerah to be Guardians, protectors of their world, destined to greatness but at great personal cost. They live by the Code, and the Code dictates they be selfless. The people of Zerah are to be their main concern, and they are never to form strong emotional bonds.

Especially not with one another. At least…that’s what’s supposed to happen, in order to keep the Balance.

But if the Balance was kept, and things had happened as they should, we wouldn’t have a story now would we? 😉

And it is one hell of a tale that Miss Santiago tells with a surprising amount of passion for a YA novel.

I’m not talking about eroticism, I’m talking about characters who believe in their causes. I’m talking about two teenagers in the throes of adulthood caught up in duty, honor and the expectations of others, but unable to deny their attraction and growing fondness for one another. I’m talking about a Mother who has to decide between her own wishes and what she feels what might be the best thing for her son even if it means lifetime incarceration and chooses his needs over her own because that’s what a MOM does.  I’m talking about a boy who had his mother taken away for a crime he committed out of love for her, who has been feared and hated and told he will amount to nothing short of bringing on the Apocalypse and yet, still tries to live by the Being’s damnable Code. As a Guardian, Keiran was never supposed to have formed a bond with his mother, but in doing so he made himself vulnerable in that he was able to form other such bonds, eventually leading to his torrid and torturous feelings for Amaya, the embodiment of Water, which ultimately leads him down a path of Chaos.

And as a bonus, the supporting cast were a fun lot! That always makes me happy.

I am afraid I have but two complaints. It was quite short (I tend to prefer lengthier works, but this is just a personal preference) and ended rather abruptly in cliffhanger fashion.

So, naturally, I’m salivating for the second half.  Isabelle, how quickly can you have it written? *g*

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  1. January 27, 2010 9:31 am

    Ah, sounds like another Drollerie Press Must-Have-Right-Now!! 😀 Love your reviews, Soleil!


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